GSpecs Industrial | Calibration Laboratory | Equipment Calibration

GSpecs Industrial's state-of-the-art industrial automation and calibration services will keep your equipment precise and up-to-par with international standards.

Stay wired and connected with GSpecs Industrial's electrical wiring and panel assembly service!

Stay on top of your industrial plant's most vital systems and automated controls with GSpecs Industrial's integration control systems service!

With GSpecs Industrial's temperature calibration the cold will never bother you, unless you want it chilly.

Before you ship out brand new equipment, have them brought to GSpecs Industrial for test equipment calibration for precision testing.

GSpecs Industrial is an accredited calibration laboratory in the Philippines catering to calibration and technical services of various control & instruments for multiple industral businesses.
For instrument calibration in the Philippines, call GSpecs Industrial at (+63)999 421 8888 or write us an e-mail at
GSpecs Industrial | Calibration Laboratory | Equipment Calibration


GSPECS Industrial Corporation has been distributing industrial products  for  almost 8 years.  Focusing on quality products that would  benefit  the consumers and  help    
them  achieve  long-term business operations . From  Enclosure systems,  Thermal and Signaling units, Wiring Systems, Industrial  connectivity, Cables and Wires.