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GSpecs Industrial | Calibration Laboratory | Equipment Calibration

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Last March 28, GSPECS Industrial  team attended and participated the  annual  PHILCON LUZON Exhibition at Asean Convention Center,  Clark Pampanga hosted by ne and only Global Link. As  the 3-day commence GSPECS also  celebrated its  9 year catering mechanical and electrical  services in the Industrial industry. Adapting and improving  strategies  to  make better services  for customers, partners and future clients to come. As  the  3-day event  ends, we GSPECS Industrial  Corp left with  new knowledge to become a better and stronger Industry in the future. 





 March 15-16, GSPECS Industrial Corp participated the 22nd IIEE Northern Mindanao Exhibition at Mallberry Business Suites Hotel Limetkai Center Cagayan de Oro City . The Event was hosted the  by the IIEE Northern  Mindanao Chapter, the 2-day event  went smoothly and well. GSPECS would like to thank the IIEE community for always giving companies the opportunity to cater  there products and services, not just only  in manila but all over the Philippines. Looking forward  for more exhibits to come and more power to us all.






Last  November 14 GSPECS Industrial Corporation participated the 43rd  IIEE Annual Convention hosted by the Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers. The 4-day event took place at SMX Convention Center  Pasay  City.  The Exhibit gathers different companies around the world showcasing their product and services that could help improve electrical applications in the Philippines and also  help manufacturing and industrial  companies. In conclusion the 4-day  event  went  spectacular meeting with different companies and consumers   that would  help improve our product and services  in making  better  values  for thecommunity. 



On October 24 Maynilad Water invited  us to participate  on their event entitled  Source 2018. The event  took place  in  Maynilad  Water Head Office at Old  Balara  Quezon City. The opening ceremony was lead by  MMDA Spokes Person Ms. Celine  Pialogo  and Maynilad Water President  Mr.Ramoncito  Fernandez, the event focuses on showcasing  different  products  and services from different companies that could help  improve  the operations of water industries in the Philippines. Overall the 2-day  event gave us an opportunity  to  learn more about  water industries and  also connected  with numerous companies that will help us to  grow  even better in the  future. We would like to thank  Maynilad Water  for  giving us a chance to be a part  of this wonderful event. Hoping for more opportunities to come and also more power to all the exhibitors who had participated the event.




 On October 18, GSPECS Industrial  Corporation joined the  annual event of Philippine Machinery Exhibition hosted by Philippines  Society  of  Mechanical  Engineers. The event contains  various different companies  presenting  different  products and  servicers towards the improvement of mechanical operations that would help manufacturing  companies here in the Philippines. In conclusion the 3-day event ended  smoothly with lots  of knowledge to bring  and improvements need  to implement for a better services in the industrial  industry.



Last October 4, GSPECS was invited to participate on PMFTC Caravan  at Tanawan  Batangas. The Event was  hosted  by the  PMFTC ( Philip Morris Fortune Tobacco Corporation) and it was  2 day event  focusing on new innovation and  services that can help improve industrial  works in the  manufacturing  field. The event also  conducted  product presentations to help new companies be recognized by different field contractors that will help them  to be a part of the PMFTC Community. 






Nation Convention

On September 19 GPSECS Industrial Corporation was invited to participate on  the National  Convention 2018 hosted by the Philippine Instrumentation and Control Society, with the theme " Working together to  further advance the Philippine Instrumentation and Control Process. The event lasted  for  3 days  mainly focused on showcasing companies  unique  capabilities  on  improving  the  instrumentation and control process. Overall it was a unique experience for our company and to  learn new things  to different recipients in improving our field is an opportunity  in our part. 

We would like to thank  PICS for giving us a chance to present our company and what we are capable of doing  in the  field  of instrumentation and control process. We also want to give a gratitude to recipients whom visited to  our  booth, hoping we could work together  in the future to come.


On September 7, 2018 GSPECS Industrial Corporation went to  SMX Convention Center  Lanang Davao, to participate the annual Manufacturing Technology Exhibit hosted  by Globalink. The Exhibit lasted for 2 days, focused on improving the Philippine's  Manufacturing Industries  through new innovative ideas. The event was consist  of different companies with different  capabilities that made the exhibit worth visiting. 

We would like  to thank Globalink for giving  different industries an opportunity to  showcase what they are capable of, and what difference they can make in improving  our  lives. Also we would like to thank all the visitor whom attended and visited  our  booth. Hoping we could help each other in building a better community. 


On July 18th GSPECS Industrial Corporation flew to Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur to join the  2018 Partner Conference led by  Weidmuller Inc. The Conference discussed about Weidmuller;s new  innovations, products and at the same time share common goals to its partners, to provide better  performances and output in the field of industrial  works. The four-day conference leave a fresh new start towards to its partners and prepared themselves for new opportunities to come.




GSPECS Industrial Corporation headed to Cebu City, to join the annual Exhibit of PHILCONSTRUCT Visayas 2018.  The exhibit started at June 7 and ended on June 9, it took place at Waterfront Hotel and Casino Lahug, Cebu City. The 3-day event aims to gather different companies that mainly focuses on construction and industrial works, its main purpose was to connect with other industries and create relationships that will benefit not only both firms, but also the community itself. 

GSPECS Industrial Corporation has always been active, to this particular event. Not only to be recognize by new comers but also to share ideas and knowledge on what GSPECS can do to help them. GSPECS would like to thank GlobalLink for always providing opportunities for companies to show what they can do and be a better industry that they can be.




 Weidmuller Training on Richmonde Hotel

  Last May 28, 2018, we GSPECS Industrial Corporation in partner with Weidmuller Company held a Training Seminar in Richmonde Hotel Eastwood Libis, Quezon City. It was a 1-day event that aims to introduce and demonstrate the new and improve products of Weidmuller. Lead by Mr. Isaac Chen Segment Manager of Southeast Asia, he shares to us his knowledge about the new products and what are the benefits that the companies will get from it. Different companies had attended the seminar, such as…

As the training ends to success, all the people who participated the event are well- knowledge and oriented on what opportunities will lie to us ahead.  We want to give our best gratitude to people whom gave their time and participated the event.  We also want to thank Mr. Isaac for sharing his knowledge about the product, that soon will create more opportunities for us and for the society to achieve excellence.




On January 6 2018, GSPECS Industrial Corporation was invited by globalink to join the Annual PHILCONSTRUCT Manila Exhibition held in SMX Convention Center. The event lasted for 3 days,  the exhibit aims to build new partnership, share new ideas and connect with the same goal on hand. Providing new capabilities to help the society attain excellence and prepare for future generations. 

We want acknowledge GlobalLink for letting us be a part of the event, more opportunities will yet to come and we assure that we will always be prepared of what future lies ahead.

 IIEE 2017

On November 16 2017 GSPECS industrial Corporation participated the annual IIEE exhibit with the theme: Sustaining Growth and initiative for global excellence. It was held in SMX Convention Center, it a was 4-day exhibit full of interesting moments. Connecting and sharing insights to remarkable companies, building ideas and at the same time aiming for the same goal.

As the 4-day exhibit ends, GSPECS Industrial Corporation leave with new knowledge for excellence and rest assure that it will be benefited both consumers and companies towards excellence. GSPECS want to thank IIEE for giving the company an opportunity to be a part of the event and hoping for more exhibits to come.



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